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Tour Guides, Office Staff, Sales Staff, & more!

Job Description
Want a fun awesome job this summer? Come work for us! Whether looking to work all summer or already have a job and looking to work only on weekends, we have options for everyone. 

We run our business as a fun, energetic workplace! Minimizing risk to our customers is our #1 concern and priority but after that it's about enjoying what you do and enjoying to come to work!

If interested, please contact us to set up a Pre-certification review. See details below.

*Training & certification - All guides are required to complete voluntary training prior to any formal employment.
*ACCT Certification (Level I) Required*
(Note: All candidates for employment as a tour guide must have Level I Guide Certification by the Association for
Challenge Course Technology. If you do not have such certification, you will have the opportunity to obtain it, at no cost, prior to employment, after an initial pre-certification review. Participation in training is voluntary and unpaid, and does not constitute a guarantee or promise of employment. Upon successful completion of the training/certification, candidates who remain interested in securing employment will be invited to formally interview for a position.
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